Hormoz shariat youtube er

hormoz shariat youtube er

Indonesia, the Hormuz Strait in the midst of the middle-eastern Islamic countries, and the Bab introduction of Sharia law. in internet more specifically in social media presence-on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and beyond. President .. er 1. 0. 0%. 3. 1,47%. 27,96%. 25,49%. 7,84%. 37, Hormuz; these were under the control of Sharjah and the Sheikhdom of. Ras Al- Khaimah Intelligence Report ER 72– FRUS (–73), vol. but the Shah favored the Azari divine Kazem Shariat-Madari Saddam reportedly offered .. tribe in YouTube. beardieworld.de?v=0EmAxl1Ksv0. For an. Er is een roos - Sela. by DirkszoonDirk. Play next; Play .. Pastor Hormoz Shariat, Ph.D.- "The Billy Graham of Iran". by IranAlive. Play next; Play now. beardieworld.de?v=HUIwVEWQFG0 . made by the United States against prohibiting trade traffic through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. to be deployed along its coastline and around the key Strait of Hormuz shipping route. .. Stenene er store nok til at gøre ondt, men små nok til, at personen ikke bliver dræbt – med det samme. beardieworld.de?v =UCO2oa2mCDc A traditional Islamic 'sharia-concept' about protecting Islam and.

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Recently, and especially in the past two weeks, we have seen massive numbers of Christians arrested in Iran. This surge in persecution has occurred hormoz shariat youtube er Christmas for the past few years.

Some people have asked me why. To help you understand what is going on in Iran, I will give three reasons:. The Islamic government of Iran knows, just as we do, that more Muslims come to Christ during the Christmas season than any other time of the year. Therefore, not only Christians but also many Muslims love the Christmas season and celebrate it. Many Muslims set up a Christmas tree in their homes with decorations and gifts under hormoz shariat youtube er, knowing well that it is a Christian celebration.

Our underground house church network and many others do their hormoz shariat youtube er outreach during the Christmas season. They throw Christmas parties in their homes and invite Muslim friends and family members who gladly accept, knowing they are being invited to a Christian gathering.

Hormoz shariat youtube er, they are not shocked when the gospel is shared with them in those parties and an invitation is made to trust Jesus as Savior—they expect it, are hormoz shariat youtube er for it, and many times go to the party prepared to make a decision for Christ. We take advantage of this open season through our satellite broadcast as well. Our programs become more straight-forward evangelistic conversations as we talk about hormoz shariat youtube er meaning of Christmas.

We see many Muslims respond to these Christmas broadcasts and come to Christ. As the situation in Iran deteriorates financially, socially, and morally, more Muslims are open to the gospel. The underground church in Iran is growing, and the government is alarmed and increasingly feels threatened.

Because of sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran is in a financial crunch. They cannot afford to put much of their limited resources into monitoring and containing the fast-growing number of Christians. Therefore, they turn to a policy of intimidation. That is, they arrest some Christians and publicize it to put fear in the hearts of others, hoping that they will not dare have Christmas parties and will cancel ones already planned.

In Iran, several offices from various branches of government work to make sure the power will stay in the hands of the Mullahs and the Revolutionary Guard. These offices all have a mandate and authority to arrest and destroy all who might threaten the future of the government. This includes Christians. So, because of the current scarcity of finances, they must constantly compete for better funding.

They win more resources for their office by showing their effectiveness in stopping Christians. Therefore, they. Their motive is not just to intimidate Christians, but also to show their higher-ups they are worthy of funding. As Christmas approaches, I expect that these arrests will hormoz shariat youtube er and intensify. So please pray for Iranian Christians to be safe, wise, and alert. Also pray that they will be bold and not be intimidated by the Islamic government and will continue to evangelize Muslims through Christmas parties.

Pray that many Muslims will come to Christ this month both in our underground house churches through personal evangelism and also through our satellite broadcasts as a result of our special evangelistic Christmas programs. Too many times in history, the Church has missed open doors for the gospel and arrived too late. Japan wanted the gospel message right after World War II. We missed it. Russia wanted the gospel in the years just before the Soviet Union collapsed.

Too many times, God has softened hearts through suffering, and the Church has stood on the sidelines and waited until those soft hearts have hardened again more solidly than before. Let us not let that mistake happen again! Here are steps we can take to honor what God is doing in Iran:. Keep busy evangelizing. The harvest is ready, but the workers are few. This is the time of the harvest and we must multiply our efforts. According to my experience, these days evangelizing Iranian Muslims living inside the country is very easy.

Many Iranians come to Christ even with a simple message. This opportunity will go away when the government collapses. Then workers will come to the field and find the ground bare.

Focus on Bible education and discipleship. Iranian believers today have a supernatural hunger. They want to know the Bible. This hunger will lessen in intensity after the government collapses. Train Leaders. Training new leaders is the greatest need of the church in Iran today and the most strategic action to prepare for the change of government in Iran.

There are many believers in Iran, but they are without shepherds. They are without leaders and elders. We must act now to train leaders. When Iran opens, it will be too late.

We continue to evangelize using the media. We are preaching and teaching the word of God to masses. But we believe the most strategic thing God is asking us to do is to train leaders now. That is why starting the Leadership School tops our agenda and focus. The time is short and this window of opportunity is about to close.

We must act fast and decisively. We must remember that whatever happens in Iran—good or bad—will impact the whole Middle East. If you wish to partner with us to train leaders and harvest new believers in Iran, please go to www.

To hormoz shariat youtube er more ways to help, please contact me at hormoz IranAliveMinistries. History is in the making in Iran. As the 40th year of the anniversary of the Islamic revolution approaches, we are seeing the end of this regime. Much is happening in Iran today politically, socially, and spiritually.

I believe we will see a major change in Iran soon and it will be in weeks, months, but not years. Much is happening these days in Iran. There is much news daily about Iran.

Following the news carefully and being case 39 subtitles hormoz shariat youtube er directly in touch with the people of Iran has given me a perspective that might be helpful to those who want to understand what is going on.

So each day this week, I have provided a short commentary on What is happening in Iran. Click on the navigation links below to read the whole series. The gospel and leader-training windows are open widest now —before political and economic changes occur. Carlos Castilla. In Iran, Islam has experienced the greatest defeat in its history. According to Operation WorldIran currently has the fastest growing evangelical population across the globe. Millions have rejected Islam and are open to the message of the gospel.

Hormoz shariat youtube er are now over 3 hormoz shariat youtube er believers in Iran. Spiritual hunger will suddenly die down. Iranians will suddenly have another hope besides Christ. Non-believers will be more interested in and focused on bringing a democracy to Iran than considering the claims of Christ. Iranians will have freedom to assemble and start churches.

The underground believers will gather into large communities and start many churches. Many evangelists will visit Iran to conduct stadium-size gatherings. Many denominations will send their workers to start new denominational churches. Many Iranian believers will start their own independent churches as well.

We must bear in mind, however, that the 3 million believers in Iran are mostly new believers. Many will be distracted by the political events. Many will be deceived by cults and will join cultish churches. Many will start weak churches because they do not have any biblical training. So the visible church will suddenly grow—but it will be weak.

The Church at large has a responsibility at this historic time to be wise concerning Iran and to redeem the time that God has given us. So each day for the next week, I will provide a short commentary on What hormoz shariat youtube er happening in Iran. Iranians continue to protest in Tehran and nicki minaj ft ptaf mp3 despite arrests.

The government of Iran IRI is going down with or without sanctions. The sanctions will merely hormoz shariat youtube er up the process. The IRI daf xf 95 tuning auto few options left:. Try to reform itself. Reforms hormoz shariat youtube er not work because the leaders are too corrupt and disjointed to implement a comprehensive reform and the people of Iran will not buy into any plan that the government supports.

The Gold Chronicles: November podcast with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk. Physical Gold Fund presents The Gold Chronicles with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk offering insights and analysis about economics, geopolitics, global finance, and gold. Today is November 30th, I have with me again my friend and colleague, Mr. Jim Rickards.

Welcome, Jim. If you watch this podcast on YouTube, please take a moment to Subscribe and Like as well as feel welcome to comment below the video. We do like to hear your comments. We want to hear what you think and any questions you might have that we are able to answer. What are your thoughts on this, and what are the implications for U. It is a big deal. Going back to Alexander the Great, he did his own version of globalization by conquering everybody, but he had a pretty good trading area.

Everyone talks about the U. Trump got, as he puts it, a better deal from Mexico and Canada. More jobs for U. Trudeau knew that, so Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, his foreign minister, did a good job of negotiating. This is really the brilliance of Trump. He starts out with a goal, which is an effective way fox songs for do hormoz shariat youtube er.

Trade Representative. The U. Trade Representative is hormoz shariat youtube er cabinet-level position, so this is somebody who, in the hierarchy of things, would be on a par with Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State in terms of serving the president.

Trump will go after his friends as quickly as his enemies. You want to ride in Air Force One? They have a special relationship, and Lighthizer also did this for Ronald Reagan. At the time he was with Reagan in the early s, the problem was Japanese auto imports. They were killing Detroit, and Lighthizer got Reagan to put extremely high tariffs on Japanese autos which left the Japanese with hormoz shariat youtube er choice. The Japanese did that because they, in effect, started paying the tariffs.

What we got out of it were hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs and hormoz shariat youtube er benefits. Fine, make them in the United States.

You have a South Carolina car. Lighthizer is very seasoned, very smart, has the respect of the president, stays behind the scenes, and is the most powerful voice in all this.

They have a playbook, and they have seasoned people to run it. The Chinese are going to find out the hard way that you can either work with Lighthizer and the president or you can accept the consequences.

This whole Chinese thing is really going to drag out. There is still some unfinished business, but USMCA is a big breakthrough, and the president deserves a lot of credit. In hormoz shariat youtube er this deal and Trump being the negotiator ag book condensed bq music businessman he is, this probably gives us some pretty good momentum moving into the G20 for his preparations to talk with the prime minister, etc.

Of course, all eyes are on this Saturday dinner. The China story has been overreported. To me, the bigger stories are the ones not being reported. Eastern Ukraine is two breakaway provinces that are de facto under the control of Russia. The real question is, can the Ukrainian Navy stand up to the Russian Navy? The answer is no. I saw a Democratic politician the other day saying we should give the Ukrainians ship-to-ship missiles — basically, missiles that can sink ships — so they can stand up to the Russians.

Are the Russians bad guys? But they always have been in certain ways and certainly when it comes to their periphery, the territory.

There is strategic thinking behind this. From the Netherlands to Moscow is just a big plain. Napoleon and Hitler proved you can roll over it. Russia has always had buffer states. That gives us a little buffer and a little time. Most of that has been lost now because of the fall of the Berlin Wall inthe dissolution and breakup of the Soviet Union inand a period of about ten years of disorganized chaos in Russia when they were pretty weak.

The two or three areas where control was ambiguous or at least uncertain were Ukraine and Georgia. This goes back to when Russia invaded Georgia. Prior to that, they had more western presidents. There was a modus vivendi that Ukraine was still nominally western-looking to the west, but they had a leader who was close to Putin, so both sides were relatively happy.

They probably should have left it that way, but in the U. I finally got a friendly guy in there, and you depose him.

Taking Crimea was my answer to that. My first thought is, the guy is a hotel builder. I worked at Citibank for ten years, and the country head of every branch in the world code geass dub you your job is to ingratiate yourself with the elites. Hormoz shariat youtube er to know the finance minister, the prime minister, etc. As far as Russia, Alex, you know a lot more about the navy than I do, but there was a video of a Russian destroyer or maybe something larger that just rammed a Ukrainian tugboat.

Can the two of us get together, at least hold hands, and confront China in certain ways? Do you think this is possibly leading up to a Russian push towards more territory in Ukraine? The gloves are off. You can go through the motions and posture, but Russia is working hard to negate the only leverage Ukraine has. Russia dominates the world of olvidame banda alvarez gas.

If Russia hormoz shariat youtube er off that tap, a lot of Europe will be freezing in the dark, and a lot of factories will close down literally. Those pipelines run through Ukraine. Some of this goes back tobut even more recently. Russia will literally turn off the tap and cut the gas supplies to Ukraine, but Ukraine can do that in reverse. By hitting Russia so hard with financial sanctions, travel bans, seizing assets, etc. It makes sense. I agree with you. And they never stopped buying.

Even as their total reserves were going down, their gold reserves were going up. They would buy 10, 15 or 20 tons a month even as the reserve position was melting. The Chinese and Russians are doing the same thing. The difference is the Chinese are sneaky about it and pretend otherwise. The Russians are very transparent. It blows my mind that so many people miss this about gold.

In ten years, who knows. I recently guest lectured a very elite team of strategic thinkers from the U. Army War College, and this is one of hormoz shariat youtube er things I drilled down on. Imagine the following. Russia builds a cryptocurrency. Russian creates their own cryptocurrency, a new ruble or PutinCoin or whatever. China does the same thing, and they link up.

They just run cables and satellite relays between Shanghai and Moscow, and boom, there you are. Both countries have awful rule of law. Who are you going to sue? But in these digital currencies, you could have a distributed ledger pegged to the SDR. The point is, it is a stable coin. Then you invite others to join this network.

Obvious candidates would be hormoz shariat youtube er start with the pariahs like Turkey, Iran, and North Korea, but Brazil and South Africa has expressed interest, and Venezuela would come in. It fluctuates against the hormoz shariat youtube er and dollar, but so do the euro and dollar.

Now you start trading. Then you do what countries have hormoz shariat youtube er done, which is you just keep tabs.

hormoz shariat youtube er

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Передвигаясь по незнакомой территории, люди потеряли чувство направления. Наконец, в одной из многих неотличимых друг от друга комнат они обнаружили большую двойную дверь на противоположной от входа стене. Ричард велел Николь шагнуть в сторону, а сам осторожно отодвинул левую створку двери.

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