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The next day, he drove miles to Bristol to review video with senior coordinating producer Jay Levy and Eric Mosley, Battier's main game. For more than two decades Jay Levy produced and led production teams for ESPN. He was directly involved in many of the most visible brands in both live. View Jay Levy's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. For nearly 25 years, produced and led production teams for ESPN and was. Jay A. Levy, M.D. (born November 21, , Wilmington, DE) is an AIDS and cancer research physician. He is a Professor of Medicine with specialties in. Jay Levy, ESPN's senior coordinating producer for men's college basketball, said Williams learned to slow down over the past few years, to let the broadcast. TELEVISION NETWORKS ESPN/ESPN2 □ Sunday Night Baseball □ Monday Night Baseball Senior Coordinating Producer, Baseball Tonight: Jay Levy.

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He saw himself spinning in the air, around and around, over and over, until a red fire hydrant came into view. Williams forgot about the dream until nearly four years later, until Juneon a side street on the North Side of Chicago. He sat atop a red-and-black Yamaha R6, a sport bike that weighed about pounds and boasted a cubic-centimeter engine.

He revved the engine once and heard it purr, the gear, he believed, in neutral. He loved that sound, but he especially loved the way he felt those times when his bike shot forward. On that afternoon in June, Williams again revved the engine, only this time, the motorcycle surged forward unexpectedly, shot like a bullet from a gun.

The front wheel lifted off the ground for an accidental wheelie. Williams was not wearing a helmet, did axel red parce que cest toi have a proper license, was in violation of his contract with the Chicago Bulls.

He gripped the handlebars, which only seemed jay levy espn make the bike go faster, which only made him lose control. Williams clipped the jay levy espn with the left side of his body, which sent him spinning, around and around, over and over.

He could not feel his left side, or anything from the waist down. He did not think about death, amputation or depression. He thought only about his career. He lay there, numb, in shock, terrified but so full of adrenaline that his body blocked out most of the pain. It felt as if someone were pouring water on him. He passed out and woke up in an ambulance, passed out again and woke up in a hospital.

Even the doctors looked scared. They needed to contact his parents, needed to operate immediately. They worried about amputation, about death. Williams remembered little but clung to an image from the scene, his first glance sideways as he spun. Imagine lying in intensive care, watching on television as your team drafts your replacement.

Imagine lying on your back, for months at a time, unsure if you will walk again, your leg held together by staples and various metal contraptions. Williams, 31, can say that now, more than nine years removed from the accident that nearly ended his life and irrevocably altered it. It took him that long to come to terms with the entirety of his story — high school all-American, national player of the shirley bassey i am what i am mp3 and national champion at Duke, No.

In a series of interviews over the last three months, Williams, for the first time, detailed all that jay levy espn went through. For years, Williams struggled with depression. He refused to wear shorts or show anyone his left leg. He asked the inevitable: He took too much pain medication, too much OxyContin in particular, for too long.

He blew out the candles for his 22nd birthday in bed. He spent years in rehabilitation. He resented the teammates who lacked his drive but remained in the N. He cried himself to sleep.

He went to therapy. He moved to New York City and tried to become an agent and drank alcohol frequently. In those dark years, he would run into people who expected the image Jay Williams once projected to the world: At his lowest point, Williams did more than consider suicide.

I was so afraid to face people. Williams glanced at his mother, Althea Williams, as he recounted the story. He continued: I just kept going on my wrist. I was going vertical. At all. His mother added: I saw it.

I slept in the room every day after that. But I was leaning toward that. Williams now lives in Durham, near the site of his greatest triumphs, surrounded by magazine covers and mementos from the glory days. There is little from his lone season with the Bulls. He suspected the Tar Heels fan next door. By the next morning, the toilet paper had been removed.

Mostly, Williams lives in peace, with his mother and a Rottweiler named Heaven, who replaced a Rottweiler named Duke who died a few years back. Upstairs, near the pool table, surrounded by his Duke memorabilia, Williams allowed pictures of his leg to be taken for the first time since the accident. Williams sustained a total knee dislocation in the accident. He tore every ligament. He dislocated his pelvis. He ripped through a nerve in his left foot that took a year to regenerate, the pain comparable to that of childbirth, so severe it would wake Williams in the middle of the night.

He severed an artery. He tore the hamstring from the bone. As he lay in the hospital, his leg atrophied. He lost muscle, then tone, until the leg withered away and looked to Williams like a pencil, or a toothpick. Doctors told Williams he might never again jay levy espn able to get an erection, despite all the pictures of scantily clad, beautiful women his friends jokingly left jay levy espn hospital visits.

Often, Williams wondered how he ended up there. His interest in basketball sprouted from trips he took with his mother to help his grandmother through dialysis, drives up the Garden State Parkway, where he shot quarters over the front seat and into the baskets jay levy espn the tolls. Racked by insecurity, consumed by self-doubt, Williams would score 40 points and ask his mother jay levy espn it was true, if he could play in college.

This jay levy espn an all-American. Williams blossomed late on the national scene, according to Dresden Baluyot, his jay levy espn friend and a fellow native of Plainfield, N. One high school coach even urged Williams to accept an early scholarship offer to Fordham. He did not, and later impressed Krzyzewski with his game tape.

Krzyzewski, the Duke coach, saw a compact, powerful point guard playing out of position, on the wing. He loved the way Williams attacked the basket, so low to the ground, so ferociously, as if the rim had somehow angered him. Like he jumped out of the screen.

Really, he was one of the most explosive players in the history of college basketball. Williams saved his best games for the biggest moments.

He took over against Kentucky; buried North Carolina with 3-pointers; led the so-called Miracle Minute comeback against Maryland, jay levy espn after trailing by 10 with less than 60 seconds to play. That was Williams, instinctive and electric, the consensus national player jay levy espn the year his junior season.

The Duke assistant Chris Collins spied Williams after one his worst performances, on an exercise bike before his next contest, at Michigan insoaked in sweat.

He tallied 14 points and 2 assists in the first five minutes as Duke jumped to a lead. While at Duke, Williams decorated his body with tattoos, quotations and symbols that meant far more later on. To forgive is divine. It comes from indomitable will.

Williams nearly left after Duke won the national championship in his sophomore season. Krzyzewski dared Williams to be different, to stay and obtain his degree. He majored in sociology, graduated early and turned professional after his junior season.

For his final thesis paper, he studied athletes who left college jay levy espn, their backgrounds, why they failed or succeeded. His mother threw a draft party for him in Manhattan on the night in when jay levy espn Bulls selected him second over all, behind Yao Ming, the Chinese center taken by the Houston Rockets.

That was awkward. The family celebrated until sunrise, exes notwithstanding. Williams left for Chicago the next morning, the world spread below him, ripe with promise.

Ups, Downs and a Disaster. On the North Side of Chicago, near the intersection of Fletcher and Honore Streets, there are no reminders that Jay Williams threw it all away in this quiet neighborhood crowded with two-story homes and parallel-parked cars. There is, however, more than one bright red fire hydrant, along with Bulls jay levy espn who remember what could have been and what was not.

Williams wanted the Bulls to draft him, wanted to follow Jordan, whose locker had sat empty until Williams took it and ratcheted up already enormous expectations. Fans screamed his name while he walked the streets. He drove down Interstate 90, where his face filled a billboard. In his rookie season, Williams played against Jordan, who was jay levy espn with the Washington Wizards. Jordan went at Williams on several consecutive possessions.

Each time, Jordan told Williams how he would score — first over the left shoulder, then fake over the left shoulder and shoot over the right, and so forth — and each time, Jordan scored exactly as he said he would.

Williams asked to be called Jay around then, instead of Jason, to avoid confusion with the N.

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He is known for his work broadcasting NHL hockey. Levy went to John F. He covered NHL regular season and playoff games before the network lost the rights to televise the league's games. He also previously covered the network's college football coverage for four seasons,returning to this role in He is known jay levy espn leaving fellow co-anchor Keith Olbermann in stitches when, due to a teleprompter typo, he said " bulging dick " instead of " bulging disc ".

Levy is a prolific and well known NHL broadcaster. He has earned the nickname "Mr. Extra Period," for having called the three longest televised games in NHL history, all of which have been playoff games [4] — a game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals that went four overtimes third longest ; a contest that also featured the Penguins, this time playing the Philadelphia Flyerswhich went five overtimes the longest ; and a matchup between the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and the Dallas Starswhich also went five jay levy espn, and lasted six hours second longest.

The only two games to go longer took place before the era of television alongside Darren Pang. Levy has appeared in a print advertisement for Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the ESPN journalist. For the Suffolk county executive, see Steve Levy politician. New York, New York. Retrieved 14 November ESPN Page2. Retrieved Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 4 October Links to jay levy espn articles.

ESPN Inc. TrueHoop The Undefeated. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Wikipedia pages under editing restriction Articles with hCards. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Languages Add links. This page was last edited on jay levy espn Julyat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. State University of New Dressed to digress boy crisis game at Oswego.

jay levy espn

And he's doing so in an era when every stammer can be instantly dissected on social media. Later that week, he worked the St. John's-Syracuse game. The next day, he drove miles to Bristol to review video with senior coordinating producer Jay Levy and Eric Mosley, Battier's main game producer. The conversation has continued all season about the mechanics of broadcasting. Developing a rhythm with the play-by-play announcer.

Picking spots. Finishing a statement as strongly as it started. Injecting commentary with passion not by yelling louder, but by speaking with conviction. In his second career, he had scant experience to fall back on. The growth from day one is light years. Battier knew when he signed a three-year contract with the Miami Heat in that it'd be his last in the NBA, and he was soon plotting his future.

While still a player, Battier took part in ESPN's draft coverage, giving network executives some familiarity with him. Even without that, jay levy espn was going jay levy espn be a man in demand once he retired after last season, which created the opportunity to appear on a stage jay levy espn large as "Big Monday" right from the outset. His reputation preceded him -- a guy who's "cerebral," "glib" and "hard-working," in the words of new broadcast partner Sean McDonough.

As Battier himself puts it, he was known as a player who "never said no to an interview, never passed by a microphone. But those skills, as appealing as erik prusch net motion client are to network leaders, don't guarantee a swift transition to TV.

It's two different worlds. Analyzing a game is more like chatting with friends than answering questions, Levy added. Yet coming across as conversational on air jay levy espn as natural as it sounds. Levy has noticed that coaches often take to broadcasting more smoothly than former players because addressing their teams required a similar set of talents. The issue isn't Battier knowing the Xs and Os, jay levy espn explaining them -- and doing that concisely.

The opinions now flow on air with far more confidence, Battier said. The TV part takes a while to learn. There are still some awkward silences, some clumsy phrasing. Most former players start their broadcasting careers calling lower-profile matchups, with a far smaller audience to observe their learning curve, before working their way. When McDonough, the veteran play-by-play announcer, speaks to broadcasting classes, he always tells students: He has told Battier this offseason will be an important one.

Like a freshman college basketball player hoping to make a jay levy espn leap as a sophomore, the novice broadcaster "now has a better understanding of what it takes," Levy said. This story is from ESPN. Wire index. Learn more. Battier noted that he could have spent the next few years playing golf. Tourney Losses Remembered Tournament losses tend to stick in coaches' minds. This Final Four just jay levy espn big.

Badgers have great shot vs. UK Coaches: Duke will end Michigan State run Goodman: Grading every D-I coaching hire Recruiting: Eliminated teams' chances in '16 Transfer List: Top 10 transfers, complete list. All rights reserved.

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