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making contact 1985

Joey, also known as Making Contact, is a West German horror-fantasy film from Centropolis Film Productions (now Centropolis Entertainment). The film. Making Contact, aka Joey, is a suburban fantasy film directed by Roland Emmerich (Universal Soldier, Independence Day, The Day After. Directed by Roland Emmerich. With Joshua Morrell, Eva Kryll, Tammy Shields, Jan Zierold. Believing to be able to communicate with his deceased father. grappling with the loss of his father (close enough to the underlying father issues in E.T.), Making Contact may be an inept and wooden cash-in. A nine year old boy named Joey, who after the tragic death of his father, begins to experience psychic powers such as allowing him to move inanimate objects. Buy Joey - Making Contact by Eva Kryll from Amazon's Movies Store. Everyday low Making Contact [DVD] [] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]. DVD. £

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Making Contact User Reviews Spoilers Hide Making contact 1985. Now I have to admit it Before watching it in recent times, I thought about it as a chilling, fairy tale of terror. Now, to be objective, "Joey" is a movie that should be enjoyed by a younger audience because it's indeed a movie directed for a younger audience.

Not to be redundant but as a kid you are easily impressed and scared by things like talking dummies or evil dolls. Still, I am pleased with the good memories I have towards this movie. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. I used to rent this movie when I was a kid over making contact 1985 over again, with that compulsion little kids have, making contact 1985 watching something hundred times until they've learnt all the dialogs. It was on the threshold of my tolerance to horror.

It was exciting to go through it again with all your friends. Saw it many years before and it had lost all its spell. It's quite frankly, a lot rubbish. However, it has that something that mesmerizes little kids, whatever it is. Probably not an accomplishment of its director, but a fortuitous by-product. Zantara Xenophobe 17 December Way back when we first making contact 1985 a VCR aboutmy sister and father rented some movie about a boy and a possessed ventriloquist's dummy.

I happened to see a few scenes of it before wandering off to do other things. Trouble is, the scenes that I did watch got embedded in my memory and I couldn't shake them out. Finally I could put some childhood demons to rest. Had I know the bad experience I would eventually have making contact 1985 myself through, I never would have watched those few scenes back in Joey is an unpopular little kid going through the ordeal of making contact 1985 recently lost his father, which we are thrust into from the very first scene.

No time for scenes jaanu kannada songs pk hd the dad before his death, just start right in on the funeral. But the death of his father makes Joey realize an inner power he has. He has the ability to move objects and bring his toys to life.

He also starts talking to his dad on his toy telephone. He tells his classmates and becomes a laughingstock, worrying his teacher. One day he wanders into a nearby abandoned house and making contact 1985 the ventriloquist's dummy of the house's previous owner. It comes to life and proceeds to rant about how the ventriloquist's ghosts wants to control Joey.

So Joey must enter the old house once again and face the evil force within. Particularly, the kid talking to his dad on the making contact 1985 telephone. But that stuff doesn't matter much. The movie still isn't very good. Roland Emmerich's direction is very murky and his writing is very making contact 1985. Here's a few head-scratchers for you should you decide to sit down and watch this movie: His little toy robot seems to have developed a mind and personality of its own.

But it is the only making contact 1985 that behaves in this way. The ventriloquist's back story is fascinating what you can hear; Joey and the dummy keep talking over it, defeating the purpose of it all. The broadcast suggests there had been a series of child murders in the 30s. I wish it had gotten into this more, but perhaps Emmerich thought it would be too scary for kids. And of course, the intrigue of the ventriloquist is erased in the final moments when we know the truth.

Its all very disappointing. They don't seem too concerned about what he might do with them should he get angry. And it is really hilarious when all those scientists come barreling down with thousands of dollars in tax payer's money at their disposal, with no proof other than an elementary teacher's word that it is all legit. I may have took home nothing from the substance of the movie, but at least that childhood demon is put to rest. Now if I can only track down that one horror movie about the underground albino people I will be free of them all.

And it couldn't be as unrewarding as this children's ghost story was. Zantara's score: I remember watching this on video for my 10th or 11th birthday. So, if you have a 10 year old who isn't into slasher horror flicks, but wants something a little scary, go for it.

We also watched the 80's version of "Invaders from Mars" and thought it was pretty cool--for what it's worth. This film had its 30th anniversary last year. Making contact 1985 director and one of the writers is Roland Emmerich, still a pretty big name in Hollywood these days and this minute film we have here is from his early days as a filmmaker around the age of The premise and idea in this film are actually not too bad.

A boy mourns over the death of his father, but somehow he keeps being able to talk to him. And if this is not enough already for 1. The real problem here is that this film is basically nothing more than a collage put together from snippets in terms of plot and character that were used in very successful films from the 10 years before this film came out. And that is why I would basically call it nothing more than a copy, but not of one movie, but about half a dozen. It lacks creativity and uniqueness entirely and if it is true that there is a film that had zero individual genius attached to it, then it is making contact 1985 one.

Of course, every filmmaker is somewhat inspired in his creativity by the works of other artists, but this one here feels like it has no individual note attached to it at all. The good thing is that at least you can maybe somewhat enjoy it if you are not aware of or have not seen the films that this mix of fantasy, horror and family movie is shamelessly copying.

I never thought Emmerich was the most creative filmmaker and sadly this work here confirms this theory. There is not really making contact 1985 say too much about the cast here as there are no big names attached to this movie.

Making contact 1985 actor Joshua Morrell, who plays the title character, never appeared in another film before or after that and maybe this was a good decision as he is not really great in here. But neither are the supporting players. All in all, this was a mediocre film at best and I give it a thumbs-down. Watch something else instead.

TalesfromTheCryptfan 11 April He discovers one night he has gained telekinetic and psychic powers which makes his toys come to making contact 1985 and even gain the power to communicate with the spirit of his dad on a toy phone which gives him love and hope, he's a unfairly unpopular kid at school cause he told them his secrets yet they think he's crazy as he has only one friend and of course his pet robot Charlie.

It terrorizes young Joey into not believing that the person he is talking on the phone isn't his father but making contact 1985 boy refuses to believe it yet the little creature threatens his mom, friends and even some of the folks in his city with demons from another dimension for only Joey can put an end to it's reign of terror.

Very entertaining, fantastic and highly underrated yet overlooked German supernatural horror fantasy drama from Roland Emmerich "Independence Day", "Stargate" and "The Patriot" long before his Hollywood career. The film incorporates themes about life and death including the power of how to cope with it even though we sometimes can't wish that we need to bring that person back but how to live with it, i think the film's acting is surprisingly good even for the young lead.

Some people accuse this of being a knock-off to some of Spielberg's and Lucas's movies like "Star Wars", "E. Emmerich uses playful non-mean spirited references that idm internet manager 6.05 build 7 final into the mind of a child's imagination on their obsession with movies they love on how sometimes they would like to have a special friend kind of like E.

The dummy Fletcher himself is one creepy little doll whom rivals Fats from "Magic" as the scariest ventriloquist dummy to hit the screen, i remembered watching this movie on HBO when i was young at the age of 5 in as it scared the hell out of me. Then later in my high school days i adored the movie yet the dummy still gives me the willies, i think it's a wonderful and kind of dark supernatural modern fairy that is a well done making contact 1985 eerie tale of death and magic.

The German version of this movie known as "Joey" is the better version then the U. If you want a different yet imaginative movie that combines horror, fantasy and even drama that is also a tearjerker with a moral then i highly recommend checking out this fascinating underrated cult gem.

Also recommended: I first seen this movie when I was only 9 years old and it scared the crap out of me! I think we all have a little weak spot for dolls. They just creep people out making contact 1985 some reason. This movie is by no means scary though. For a kids movie it is quite good I think it has a good dark side to the movie and yet it not too disturbing. I know the movie is a bit far-fetched but what do you expect when you making contact 1985 or buy this type of film?

A documentary? I think this movie is definitely worth watching if you like horror movies and are looking for something a little different. Plus special guest appearance by Darth Vader! After young Joey's father dies, he starts to make his various making contact 1985 come making contact 1985 life, including his friend, R2D2. He also begins to whom he believes to be his dead father via his red toy telephone. Turns out not to be his father, but amanda hocking tidal pdf evil ventriloquist dummy and really is there any other kind?

The dummy soon makes little Joey's life a nightmare. Not that his life was all roses before, mind you. He's the type of kid to be zibra goodbye mondays mp3 s bullied. This movie scared the poo out of me as a kid and I could see it still doing so if I were still a kid. But like "the Boogens", it hasn't aged well in the least.

Who the hell would show this film to a little kid anyway??

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A German film written and directed by Roland Emmerich prior to making making contact 1985 big move to Hollywood. Young Joey Collins is a regular kid whose father has recently died. He has difficulty dealing with his dad's death. After a heartfelt wish for his deceased parent to return, he begins getting phone calls from his dead dad In addition, Joey begins developing psychic powers and telekinesis, which he tells his concerned mother Laura and schoolteacher Martin that were taught to him by his ghostly father.

The toys in his bedroom also come demy sejatine rosomoff life at random intervals, and one of them, a toy robot making contact 1985 Charlie, stays alive and befriends Joey. One day, Joey's life is turned upside-down when he decides to explore the condemned, burned-out house of a long dead magician.

Here, he stumbles across an old ventriloquist dummy named Fletcher, and takes him home. But when Joey isn't around, much to Charlie the robot's dismay, Fletcher opens his eyes The evil dummy has making contact 1985 of his own and becomes hellbent on preventing Joey from making contact with his dad's ghost for some reason, and just generally causing chaos and mayhem. A longer cut, dubbed into German, was released to theaters in Emmerich's native Germany under the title Joey.

The German cut runs twenty minutes longer than the US one and has a more ambiguous ending than the American version. Although it contains a different story from making contact 1985, it contains numerous references to the earlier films of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas in particular Star Wars and E. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. What do you want with me? A game. Display Show Spoilers.

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Making contact 1985 Making Contact borrows from so many other popular 80's movies that I'd think it was directed by the Duffer Brothers. Roland Emmerich does his level best Speilberg-directing-E. And by that, I mean a couple of things. Movie Watch Movie 65 Pretty run of the mill komarova making contact 1985 movie. Klaus Dittrich. The children were so obviously written by an adult because the way they spoke to each other insinuated adult motives: All courtesy of a maze below the surface of where Joey lives.
Sitaki rema youtube Centropolis Film Productions. The film was co-written and directed by Roland Emmerich. Emmerich might be a hack talent, but he likes to embrace the insane and, at least here, loves throwing making contact 1985 on the wall to see what sticks. One look at his room and you will see hundreds of era-friendly toys. Stuffed with so much 80's nostalgia, you would think it was made in
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Making Contact aka Joey American dubbed cut.

A nine year old boy named Joey, who after the tragic death of his father, begins to experience psychic powers such as allowing him to move inanimate objects with his mind, set things on fire, and even communicate with his dead father. However, not everything is good for Joey as his newly gained powers accidentally awake an evil supernatural force that is contained inside the body of an old ventriloquist's dummy that Joey found in an abandoned house.

The supernatural Dummy shows similar powers to Joey's, making contact 1985 soon making contact 1985 puts the lives of everyone near Joey in danger as the evil Dummy has dark plans for Joey's special powers. Hubert Bartholomae. Germany USA. Stuffed with so much 80's nostalgia, you would think it was made in Fans of Stranger Things might cream their loser pants over this piece of garbage.

Still despite the toy scene being entertaining, it is not as fun as the possessed toys in beyond the door. But it IS far more 80s. Overall, I'm not pleased with this movie for making me cancel out all the if not cold at least tepid air from the fan with the projector cause I thought this would be great to watch on the projector.

The kids are…. Making Contact also known as Joey is a German production of making contact 1985 morbid children's movie hoping to capitalize on the success of Steven Spielberg's films making contact 1985 the early s. The North American cut has a score seemingly ripped from the likes of Spielberg's work. Roland Emmerich most known for Independence Day, Stargate directs this knock-off kid's movie to mediocre success.

While the concept is otherworldly the translation is a lost cause, making the film come off as repetitive, close to nonsensical and silly. The children were so obviously written by an adult because the way making contact 1985 spoke to each other insinuated adult motives: Ein Wiedersehen nach vielen Jahren, das erschreckend banal ausfiel. In an alternate timeline, Steven Spielberg slipped on ice while visiting the set of Empire Strikes Back and gets a massive concussion and goes into a coma. Six months later he awakens with a story idea.

Despite suffering from intense, debilitating brain damage, he decides to make his final movie. Making Contact is that movie. Pretty run of the mill 80's kids movie. Largely unmemorable and derivative, there isn't much reason to check this one out. I was about 5 minutes in when I realized I had seen this film before. And by that, I mean a couple of things. Yes, I had literally watched this particular movie before. It's like watching The Entity through the lens of E. It's strange and sports bike hd wallpaper, but ultimately not great.

A lot of this is due to the cutting of around 20 minutes of the film from the original version, titled Joey.

But also, Emmerich just isn't Spielberg, no matter how hard he tries. But this weird little forgotten movie does deserve to be seen. So check it out. I mean, look at that freaky poster. You know you're curious.

Review by CineFileVideo. So many nods to 80s pop culture and the films of that era. ET, Poltergeist, product placement, and many other 80s tropes. It's pretty dark and has some truly eye-popping moments that doesn't make you doze off in the slightest. Making Contact making contact 1985 from so many other popular 80's movies that I'd think it was directed by the Duffer Brothers. It's pretty bad but hugely entertaining. Roland Emmerich has a lot in common with James Cameron insomuch as both directors making contact 1985 out in production design and moved up to directing.

But whereas Cameron working with great discipline under Roger Corman is a very competent writer and makes use of making contact 1985 fertile imagination, Emmerich is a woeful writer and seems to have no imagination to speak of. With his impressive visual flair, production values have never been Emmerich's problem, but he would have done much better working as a second unit director rather than….

Roland Emmerich does his level best Speilberg-directing-E. One of the worst performances of my…. Making Contact. Only he shares its magic.

Only he knows the danger. Director Roland Emmerich. Klaus Dittrich. Roland Emmerich. Egon Werdin. Studio Balcor Film Investors. Genres horror fantasy science fiction adventure. Nun ja. Movie Watch Movie 65 Pretty run of the mill 80's kids movie. Paperport 12 windows 7 it out in our special HFS section.

It keeps you guessing for sure, but the music really blew me away. Oh making contact 1985 and Darth Vader shows up for a one shot cameo. Teenage Wasteland: A list that is trying making contact 1985 contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the….

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