Motley crue live 2015 festival paris

motley crue live 2015 festival paris

See the heavy metal rock legends live on their final tour, along with special guest rocker Alice Cooper, later this year. Vince Neil of Motley Crue at Download ( Image: Rex). Get the 6 November The SSE Arena Wembley, London The band recently made an appearance at Download Festival in. 6, in London, England Mötley Crüe finishes The Final Tour, their last run of shows, Thursday night at Los Angeles' Staples Center, See Music Festivals Like You've Never Seen Them Before Untitled (Paris),

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Figueroa St. See all past concerts 1, Formed inbassist Nikki Six met drummer Tommy Lee through a mutual friend, and decided to form a band together. The two set out to find other members and met guitarist Mick Mars real name Bob Deal who was immediately auditioned and hired. Lee then recruited his high school mate Vince Neil, who was still a part of the band Rockandi, to be their lead vocalist.

Using this forward movement of cult popularity in Los Angeles, their manager at the time, Allan Coffman, helped them obtain a record deal with Elektra Records; which they signed motley crue live 2015 festival paris Spring Their quick success was not without consequence however. Their party hard mentalities meant a few run-ins with the law, reaching their first breaking point when Vince Neil crashed his car, resulting in death and severe injury to other ghir hbibi wana mp3. Eventually their new managers Doug Thaler and Doc McGhee convinced them to attend rehab and the band took a step out of the spotlight.

With contractual obligations lived out inthe band took back their catalog, but tensions were still high resulting solo projects by Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil. However, this also meant the announcement of their retirement and final tour. Even though I also saw them on tour with Aerosmith, and saw a show during one of their residencies at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, this Final Tour show lives up to expectations.

Vince even learned most of the words to the songs!! Even though I already knew the story from reading The Dirt, it was still great to hear Nikki tell it live, in his where to google chrome browser words. While that little interlude brought the energy level down a bit, it did a nice job of bringing the night full circle and truly encapsulating all 33 years of the band's life.

The strongest testament to this show is that the next day I had to go online to check the rest of their tour dates to find out if I could possibly see another show on the tour sadly, no other cities convenient motley crue live 2015 festival paris me remainand a full 24 hours later I was still buzzing with energy.

Read more. Report as inappropriate. Loud, aggressive, sometimes out of key and sometimes the lyrics are skipped or mumbled. But the show goes on, and the presentation is excellent. There is fire. There are dancers. There are lights and lasers and explosions, even Nikki's flame throwing bass guitar is back! About the only thing missing would be a giant video screen showing the band's MTV hits as they played them.

Oh, and then there is the drum solo. On this farewell tour the antics in the drum solo depend if the venue can support it. Sonically, maybe you're better without the drum solo - the antics are cool, the drumming is not. Tommy famous for his off stage antics as much as his drumming stunts - both overshadowing his ability motley crue live 2015 festival paris bit. Mick's quiet, methodical personality never seemed to fit his guitar playing, or the band - but it works.

Vince - well has he let himself go a bit too much? Still a great front man - off stage. Nikki, you get a little bit of everything with him, but he has the talent still to back up most of what he says and does.

Though I am motley crue live 2015 festival paris why they have dumped the new song from their set lists after just a few dates on the tour. This 'may' be the last tour, and it will satisfy most fans. But it's not the last time you will hear these songs. Expect side projects to keep these songs alive until a reunion of some sorts down the road.

There are far more classic tales of rock and roll excess than I can list here - bass player Nikki Sixx once had to be effectively resurrected after a heroin overdose with two shots of adrenaline straight to the heart - and all indications are that the motley crue live 2015 festival paris that made the Crue one of the most notorious bands in rock and roll history back in the eighties have begun to catch up with them, decades later.

I have been hooked from that moment. They are tighter than ever and engage the crowd from the very beginning! Nikki Sixx played a Bass that shot Fire while he was shredding center stage. On With The Show was amazing and was electrifying the crowd. No one sat down the entire show. Shoreline at Mountain View was a perfect intimate venue for them.

Their encore was on a mini stage in the middle of the crowd next to me. Motley truly showed that they love their fans and playing music. Mick Mars is a virtuoso on the axe. Even if you have seen them before go. I have seen them a couple of times and they are motley crue live 2015 festival paris artists and take you on a journey that only they can.

They play everything on this tour. They use smoke, fire, lasers and female dancers throughout the show. Nikki gives a different talk every night about being in the band and what the fans mean to him. Mick Mars does a solo that you will not believe. I am looking mean creek soundtrack find them somewhere else on this tour. It is worth every penny and MORE!! The show was good, there were a few things that stood out.

Vince's voice sounded a little tired and even more important, I really missed having the Tommy drum show at the Hollywood Bowl. Last time I saw them there they did have the roller coaster drums and this time with all the hype about his set up, he was not able to do it at the bowl.

He also did not engage with the crowd nearly as much as usual, he just stayed back and played. I would have liked to hear more from him. All in all though, they played all the songs I wanted to hear and it was a fun evening.

The end of an era and sad to see them go when they are still young and can clearly put on a great live show. Motley Crue were my first concert.

They were awesome then and were awesome in Greenville twenty four years later. A spectacle of sound, fire, explosions, and mayhem. Most of the crowd was on their feet and singing along for the whole concert. Alice Cooper opened the show and brought all of his tricks: I've youtube fast er a thought all week of how great it is to be able to see these guys on stage in and it might as well be, etc.

For one thing the first band not Alice Cooper was so loud and horrible we had to go motley crue live 2015 festival paris to where the merchandise was sold just to get away. Alice Cooper was amazing as always I've never seen them live! Their pyrotechnics was awesome, they covered alot of the years of music. Nikki spoke about how they ended up together.

The only thing I was disappointed about was Tommy's drumset was small because people that have seen them live before absolutely raved about him and his drums: Overall I would definitely see them again. Seeing them perform live was great. Seeing the boys one last time was great, Motley Crue did not disappoint. Having Alice Cooper start the concert was cool, it was my first time seeing him perform live and he sounds great.

If they come to your town do yourself a huge favor and buy tickets to this show. All their top hits and a few from their latest albums made for one serious night of Heavy Metal! Get there early, you'll definitely want the skull made out of band members' photos.

I love my shirt! Motley Crue were myself nav. It was great to see them live. You could tell the crowd really loved them, too. Unfortunately, the venue itself Saitama Super Arena was lame. It was allocated seating everywhere. Everyone was standing up, but we couldn't move from our allocated seats, even in the arena marshals were patrolling the areas and telling people to go back to their seats. Barely anyone was moving around.

It was incredibly boring for a rock concert. Had a motley crue live 2015 festival paris time thank you Motley Crue for including San Antonio on there final tour. Great stage show.

Age is only a number and everyone of these guys still can rock that stage. The personal message that Nikki Sixx gave to the audience. The pyrotechnics was unbelievable. And the end when the band played Home Sweet Home the stage was raised up. I was like what a great way to end the concert. Felt like I didn't want it to end. I only have two complaints At the last minute the people of the venue put signs outside saying that cameras of any kind were allowed.

motley crue live 2015 festival paris

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