Running man ep 131 movies

running man ep 131 movies

Running Man () EP Eng Sub - This week, Noh Sa Yeon, Ahn Moon Sook, Ha Jae Suk, Se Jeong and Mi Joo joins the Running Man members to win. This is a list of episodes of the South Korean variety show Running Man in The show airs , , February 3, (January 22, ), Choo Sung- hoon · Lee Si-young · Yongyu Train Depot (Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon), Bounty. Running Man Episode Full Episode English Sub | Korea Variety Show. mykpopnote: Running Man Episode - Guest Lee Si Young and Chu .

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Funny Song Ji Hyo Yoo Jae Suk HaHa Defeat By Female Boxer Lee Si Young

This week, our cast go against each other to fight for the coveted throne of the King of Ddakji. Who knew that watching people flip a piece of paper over can be so riveting and engaging to watch? Will the Ultimate ddakji champion be able to keep his throne or will someone else come to take his place?

Still yawning, Jae-suk immediately complains: Their suspicion radar pings as Mr. PD leads them inside, one by one. Nametag ripping at this ungodly hour? Kwang-soo looks at his own poster: Collective looks of initial shock and then the cast sighs in defeat because Shi-young is a champion amateur boxer. When the PD tells him it is, Kwang-soo answers: Thus begins the Rewards Hunting Race where only one person will come out as the victor. Sung-hoon is crazy fast once he catches sight of Haha and chases him down in no time.

You could easily mistaken Shi-young for another dainty actress if you just heard her gentle voice. But Gary knows better and is rightly cautious in her presence. Nice to meet you! So she pulls Gary towards her… and tears off running man ep 131 movies nametag. Elsewhere, Sung-hoon spots Jae-suk and chases him down david der kabauter intro few flight of stairs.

And sure enough, we see Sung-hoon a few hundred feet away, searching the halls. Um well, crap. Both Ji-hyo and Jae-suk manage to slip away and as for Kwang-soo, he pleads with Sung-hoon to let him go free. Kwang-soo tries to persuade him some more and Sung-hoon sighs: But the next moment, we hear a rrripp and Kwang-soo whirls around to see Shi-young with his nametag in her hand. Though Jae-suk loses Sung-hoon, he picks up another tail: Now Jong-kook emerges from his hiding place and comes face to face with Sung-hoon, who flexes his muscles for the upcoming battle.

Shi-young appears from the doorway and Jong-kook now finds himself sandwiched between the two guests. Sung-hoon shifts over to Jong-kook and then in a surprise twist, he edges to Shi-young and eliminates her. And then Shi-young reattaches her nametag, refusing to admit defeat since it means handing over her hard-earned money to Sung-hoon. Then he turns to Jong-kook: Now this is the fight we were waiting for: Both contenders wear broad smiles as they try to overpower the other. Both of them have lightning fast reflexes and really, words can only say so much.

You have to see this epic battle running man ep 131 movies believe it. In a flash, he tears off the nametag and beams with pride. He wins 2, Won in total. The rules are simple: The cast members look at Sung-hoon and ask if he knows what a ddakji is.

Thus our teams are: Jae-suk and Suk-jin tease Shi-young about her amateur boxing status, pretending to throw a few jabs in the air. She nearly buries her head in embarrassment. Then she hits them anyway while rolling towards the table. Gah, and then Kwang-soo has the gall to give Sung-hoon the wrong answer before they start.

Haha is the first one to get the answer right and Shi-young complains about his pronounciation. Potayto, potahto. After a few more false starts and everyone still get the answers wrong, heh Ji-hyo whizzes forward and gets it right.

Oh dear, Shi-young. Gary gets another answer right and spells it out for us again, ha and soon, only four members remain. Poor Kwang-soo is left to running man ep 131 movies off two of the Blue Team members who adopt running man ep 131 movies new strategy of wrestling the Giraffe to the ground.

Kwang-soo must have some sort of deathwish today and he manages to capture Sung-hoon in an armbar wrestling move. But then Sung-hoon easily flips around and gains the upper hand.

Kwang-soo keeps trying and then Sung-hoon gives him a wedgie with his foot. Sung-hoon is huffing and puffing by the time he gets to the table. He gets the answer right and when Mr. Kwang-soo, did you just smack the man? His face is running man ep 131 movies of genuine heartbreak. Sung-hoon reminds me of those guys who forget how strong they are. The next time around, he accidentally throws the plastic seat too and it breaks.

Kwang-soo actually gets the answer right and then jokingly gives Sung-hoon a thumbs down. The conversation turns serious when he asks Sung-hoon about his upcoming Ultimate Fighter competition in the summer.

Sung-hoon admits that he feels the pain as soon as the match is over. But she clarifies that the other teams are watching. First up is the Ace vs. Shi-young topples Kwang-soo over but the poor guy gets kneed in the groin on his way down. Shi-young loses her boot but still wraps her foot around his ankle, bringing him down. They go running man ep 131 movies a barefoot rematch and Shi-young totally has her game face on. And this time, she beats Jae-suk fair running man ep 131 movies square.

Myuk PD laughs that this footage is going to be saved forever in the archives. As expected, he takes both her and Suk-jin down pretty easily. Jae-suk pipes on the sidelines: At least Suk-jin got to lose against Sung-hoon! The whistle blows and both men bide their time, waiting out their opponent. Jong-kook takes his loss without regret and though he has some wrestling experience under his belt, the captions remind us that Spartakooks is a singer.

The variety is hilarious — ranging from a ddakji ihsan audisi indonesian idol 2007 torrent from ice, to another burnt to a crisp. Then the two strong contenders face off once more.

They try to badger Sung-hoon, who finally has enough and launches himself at Jong-kook. The ddakji champions, Jae-suk and Jong-kook now face off. Each slam their ddakji to the ground and surprisingly, neither ddakji moves. They go back and forth like this a few more times and everyone waits with bated breath.

Gary breaks through the tension: Your email address will not be published. The running man ep 131 movies scene between Kwang Soo and Sung Hoon had me in stitches! Gosh, poor Kwang Soo I'm glad Jong-Kook won.

Everyone has been targeting him lately and beating him. I wonder if he's been feeling pressured for not winning in the recent episodes. It's seems the win was pretty sweet for him. You could have used an extra looonnngg sentence to describe that epic wrestling stand-off between Sung Hoon and Jong-Kook.

The two of them were practically cracking the earth's crust trying to force each other down by the knee, and Sung Hoon was showing the strain until he got enough purchase for the flip. Another high point: Shi-Young, who acted like she gets teased a LOT about her running man ep 131 movies skills, kept brushing off Ha-Ha and Yae Suk's teasing and horseplay for the first half of the show.

Then, when Ha-Ha did his flaying schtick before their wrestling match, she suddenly grinned, crouched, and snapped out a right jab the full length of her arm into the air just inches from his nose. Ha Ha practically wet himself and Gary's face as the punch passed in front of it was frozen in shock.

Wow, the two strong fighters in Running Man! Amazing episode with fun filled moments. I really took my hat off to Running Man team and trully appreciate their effort all these while. Imagine 4am in the morning, playing Hide and seek! My favorite moments: The betrayal trio add together still lose to Ji Hyo who is worth won. Really classic moment and only Sung Hoon can do it 8 Sung Hoon cut the sleeves of his track suits and showed his big guns 9 Jae Suk accidentally call Sung Hoon 'Hyung' and denies it.

Poor Giraffe!!

running man ep 131 movies

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