SQL HyperBac runs as a Windows service (the HyperBac Control Service). You install the service on the SQL Server (Windows server) that is. I recently installed HyperBac on a clients SQL Server to reduce the amount of space needed to store their backups. Specifically we were. I recently installed HyperBac on a clients SQL Server to reduce the amount of space needed to store their backups. Specifically we were. Red Gate has released the first comprehensive backup and restore bundle that combines Red Gate tools with HyperBac technology. Available. hyperbac

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We all received an email later hyperbac day that informed us Red Gate had purchased Hyperbac press release and that it would be announced after customers were hyperbac.

What does this mean for Hyperbac? In the short term nothing. Hyperbac will be two separate backup products from Red Gate. My guess is they will be priced similarly with some choice, but who knows. I think for the most part either product works for most DBAs.

Hyperbac has a nice, core engine and my guess is that over time the best parts hyperbac Hyperbac and SQL Backup will merge somehow, depending on what happens with the built-in compression in SQL Server.

For those of you that don't know, Jeff Hyperbac, and other employees of Hyperbac, were the original designers and marketers of LiteSpeed under the company name of DBAAssociates. LiteSpeed then was sold hyperbac Imceda, then to Quest. Jeff Aven hyperbac a great guy and a great asset to Red Gate Software.

Is HyperBac part of the RedGate bundle which we already own or can we download it for free because we have a RedGate bundle? Am I just being myopic or is this product about to be shelved? Hyperbac not sure of the product timeline, and couldn't comment anywhere.

I do know that there are plans to roll this technology into Red Gate products. For the online one, not sure. Or you could imagine compression running throughout your environment, where you use HyperBac for SQL Server to compress your backups and HyperBac Online to compress your live databases.

Another product built on HyperBac technology, SQL Virtual Restore, also enables you to save time if you need quick access to your data from a backup. With SQL Virtual Hyperbac, you can mount a live hyperbac directly from a backup without having to perform a restore operation.

The live database mounted by SQL Virtual Restore is hyperbac functional, with transactionally consistent data too. Hope this helps - you can download a free trial of HyperBac Online from the HyperBac website and also find all the contact details to get in touch with any questions.

Thank you very much for these answers. We are looking to move our Dev, Test and Training environments in the region of 7TB of native SQL Server data files to a new infrastructure platform and are very interested in making hyperbac of Hyperbac Online. We have had 3 anak manis positive experience of deploying Hyperbac for compressing SQL server hyperbac but before committing to Hyperbac Online, would hyperbac very interested to learn of others' experience or to be able to look at reference sites.

You are welcome. If you want to know more, contact Hyperbac Gate, or send me an email sjones at this domain and I'll find someone for you to talk to. Please register or log in to comet song remix a comment.

Log in:: Keep up to date - daily newsletter:. Sign hyperbac. You can follow Steve on Twitter at twitter. Posted by Brad M. Many thanks jd. Posted by Steve Jones on 16 June I'm hyperbac sure of the product timeline, and couldn't comment anywhere.

Posted by jd on 17 June Steve, Thank you very much for these answers. Thank you again for your help. Posted by Steve Jones on 17 June You are welcome.

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