It will rain lyrics able

it will rain lyrics able

It Will Rain Lyrics: If you ever leave me, baby / Leave some morphine at my door / 'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication / To realize what we used to. Lyrics to "It Will Rain" song by Bruno Mars: If you ever leave me, baby, Leave some morphine at my door 'Cause it would take a whole lot of medic. "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars depicts the story of Mars' rocky relationship with his girlfriend. Personally, I believe that the use of clouds within the lyrics allows Overall, as my favorite artist and performer, Bruno Mars is able to. it will rain lyrics able

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It Will Rain - Bruno Mars (Lyrics)

Written as a love ballad, Bruno Mars presents the more darker side to love, and how with all his power he tries to please, change, as well as sacrifice his life to be with his one and only true love. The style that he implements within the course of the story line greatly affects the tone and the message of the song. Mars' tone becomes hopeful of one day being with his love happily. Yet, it is also discouraging as Mars begins to list obstacles that pose as a threat to his relationship.

Mars states, "I'll never be your mother's favorite ah,your daddy can't even look me in the eye" truly shows the parents' disapproval and lack of support for the relationship, as they do not pokemon leaf green in the effort to get to know Mars.

The tone is somewhat heart-breaking, saddening, but also frustrating, because Mars becomes deeply in love it will rain lyrics able passionate, almost to the point where he is too attached to his lover. The girlfriend is feeling a sense of uneasiness and sadness, but she is not as distraught as Mars appears to be.

Mars presents many images throughout the song. The title itself shapes the message of the it will rain lyrics able and how the idea of raining represents a gloomy, somber day, where a person feels down, depressed, and hopeless of ever seeing a shiny, sunny day coming one's way. The notion of his lover leaving him provokes Mars to ask for " a whole lot of medication", particularly morphine, which symbolizes his willingness to ease the pain and heart-ache that he feels of losing a beloved.

The idea of figurative language, specifically simile is used in the following lines, "Just like the clouds, my eyes will do the same, if you walk away, everyday, it will rain, rain, rain. Personally, I believe that the use of clouds within the lyrics allows Mars to express his undying love and pain that he feels for his girlfriend. Moreover, Mars gives the clouds human-like characteristics, implementing the use of personification as he compares the clouds to his own eyes, and how both essentially "cry" on a gloomy day.

The song also rhymes in a way of using words that share a similar vowel sound at the end of each sentence. The theme of "It Will Rain" is about love, anger, and the yearning to be with it will rain lyrics able person you love. There is not one line in Mars' song where he does not express his love for his girlfriend.

Overall, as my favorite artist and performer, Bruno Mars is able to truly and wholeheartedly express his emotions, feelings, and thoughts through his music, and that is the reason why I enjoy listening to his records. An alteration or change to the style of Mars' song will completely defeat the purpose and meaning of the song.

If the song was a made into a popular song and sung by Britney Spears, the song will lose its substance and essentially become meaningless. Bruno Mars has the ability to create soulful, serenading, emotional, and meaningful records that influence it will rain lyrics able such as myself. Share on. Kirkman's AP Literature. Create account or Sign in. Started by: Maria Goulumian Date: New posts. Maria Goulumian 14 Nov Last edited it will rain lyrics able 15 Nov Reply Options. New Post.

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