Nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s

nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s

6 Tháng Mười Radio Thập Niên 90 - Nghe Nhạc Radio Mỹ (10 Đài Phát Thanh) Hiện có các đài phát thanh: ***** 90s Mix ***** Big R Radio - 90's Alternative. electronic Release Date: Label: Universal Tracks: 3 Playing Time: Format: Mp3 Quality: Kbps. nhac au my bat hu thap nien 70s - v.a . Dance On Little Girl, beardieworld.de, 4. Ding Dong Song, The End Of The Album 48 Nonstop Greatest Oldies Chapter One Tuyệt Phẩm Nhac Thập Niên 60 Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Golden Eurodisco Megamix - Best disco music 70s 80s 90s download video to MP3 or MP4 format in a few Những bản nhạc disco bất hủ thập niên 80 video download.

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Happy new year - ABBA 2. Big Big World - Emilia 4. Lemon Tree - Fools Garden 5. Nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s Quando - Engelbert Humperdinck 6. Broken Hearted Woman - Jessica Jay 7. Summer kisses winter tears - Elvis Presley 8. Love Is Blue - Paul Mauriat Casablanca - Bertie Higgins Say You Will - Tokyo Square Sacrifice - Elton John Careless Whisper - Wham!

George Michael Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters Without You - Mariah Carey Still Loving You - Scorpions Scarborough Fair - Gregorian You're woman - Bad Boy Blue Macarena - Various Artists La Isla Bonita - Madonna I Swear - All 4 One Coco Jamboo - Mr.

Caravan of life - Tokyo Squares Woman In Love - Barbara Streisand Take My Breath Away - Berlin Self Control - Laura Branigan Papa - Paul Anka Heal The World - Michael Jackson Deliah - Tom Jones Child - Little Fox What Is Love - Haddaway Tokyo By Night - Gian Turner Hello - Lionel Richie It's My Life - Dr Alban Hotel California - Eagles Carol - Neil Sedaka Top of the World - The Carpenters Yesterday - The Beatles Love Story - Andy Williams Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley A time for us - Ngoc Trai Jambalaya - Hank Williams Unbreak My Heart - Toni Braxton Joe Le Taxi - Vanessa Paradis Nothing gonna change my love for you - Glenn Medeiros Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx Boys - Sabrina Beautiful Sunday - Daniel Boone Beautiful Life nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s Ace Of Base Touch By Touch - Joy Tarzan Boy - Baltimora Pretty Boy - M2M I Have A Dream - Abba Kingston Town - UB40 Rivers Of Babylon - Boney M.

Tell Laura I love her - Johnny T. Angel Green Fields - The Brothers Four Aline - Christophe La Bamba - Los Lobos Sunny - Boney M Rasputin - Boney M Bahama Mama - Boney M Gotta Go Home - Boney M Power Of Love - Celine Dion Love Me Do - The Beatles Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers Massachusetts - The Bee Gees I never had a dream come true - S club 7 Barbie Girl - Aqua Chachacha 03 - Intruementer Too Much Heaven - Bee Gees Tonight So Cold - GinaT Be My Lover - La Bouche Megashapes unity windows - Cher Bang Bang - Sheila Sha La La La - Vengaboys Nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s Oh My - Aqua Lonely - Nana Sunshine Day - Greates Stumbling In - Smokie Made in India - Alisha My Love - Westlife Sway - Michael Buble Soledad - Weslife Stand By Me - 4 The Cause Smooth - Carlos Santana Forever - Stratovarius Close To You - The Carpenters nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s Can you feel the love tonight - Elton John Within You'll Remain - Tokyo Square.

Hymnody [ Album ] 2NE1 Acapella - 2ne1.

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Nhạc Bất Hủ Thập Niên 80 (Vol 2)

Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account. We live a life of favor. First search results is from YouTube which will be first converted, afterwards the file can be downloaded but search results from other sources can be downloaded right away as an MP3 file without any conversion or forwarding.

Shake your Bam Bam 2. Mp3 Publish - Filetype: Mp3 - Bitrate: There are two pools I know recordpool. Both recordpools are very good, the nigerian DJs one even has dj edits. The files submitted to these pools are of mixed quality Loads of kbps files and I've even heard a few with artifacts and watermarks.

You should also search SoundCloud and various blogs. Sometimes when the artists send the promo pack to my email,they will attach a file at kbps. I'm not sure even the video editor for windows 7, promo managers or even the artists know anything about sound quality.

I've even bought African music of iTunes and it still sounds crap. This problem is typically west African Ghana and Nigeria. The Southern African region and Angola promo packs are always super quality kbps. Really hard to find high quality music in the Afrobeat department. Some tracks straight from artist sounded terrible at the club. Just keep digging tho, alot of great tracks out there!

Thats the gospel truth there. Even straight from the artists they send crappy files. And livro abrindo portas interiores movies overall the mixing and mastering of a lot of stuff is horrid. Its about connecting with nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s DJs, as you know, Afrobeats is super regional, what rocks in Lagos could tank in London.

The blogs are also awash with loads of poor tracks and I really do not understand why they have to watermark a track that is not even theirs to begin with. Quite a lot of afrobeats DJs to follow for what's hot. Imma check some of those other sources. It is the biggest DJ tease and should be avoided because their bitrate is usually decent, but watermark drop is always in an embrassing spot, smh. I'm with you DJ Marv. I thought Afrobeat would exploded even more on the Pop scene after diplo remixed davido, but the remix IMO wasn't that great.

Something stupid song a list of songs I got from the DJ's, radio, and Shazam: R-tistic, have you got Ghanian roots? You can also get the remix version with Machel Mantano. Same beat, but with that Soca energy you get with Mr. The feel good song of the year. Weddings, Clubs, Mobile gigs Just play it. And it will get requested at least 5 times in one hour!

Many of these tunes are available on itunes to purchase and i've started to see some of the pools having the tracks. Smash and Xtendz have Timaya and Flavour tracks, but they file them under Dancehall! I've emailed them about improving to kbps but i'm just a lone voice. Although the couple volunteered to give me some popular African music, I think it's dope that I'll be able to bring some music to the party that I like and found on my own.

I really appreciate you all sharing! This thread is right on time. Weddings are another kettle of fish, many of songs posted earlier will work for the dance section but might not get the older folks moving. He has got many wedding friendly songs. Another great source of what's hot is YouTube play counts. Geez how happy I am for a thread like this! I've got some more recommendations. Most of these first came out between mid and early but they are definitely all club bangers and keep people dancing coz they know most of them pretty well.

X - Ginger Ft. Yemi Alade - Johnny J. Goodkat, i'm afraid the quality is always questionable especially if you are used to playing proper kbps MP3 or WAV.

Your best bet is Itunes, Amazon or any of the previously mentioned pools. There is certainly a yearning for a decent recordpool, but most acts are independent and have their own labels, with no major distribution label. To set up a pool will be mayhem as one will have like a billion managers to speak to. I would like to add one candle to this cake: Even though we speak English I doand most of what has been listed in this thread is about music from what could be called Englo Phone Africa Nigeria, Ghana, etcthere has been over the years more club type sounds coming from the Franco Phone countries.

This is a little bit of a tricky statement. Africans world wide throughout the diaspora have always been, throughout history, musical people.

That fact is that the British outlawed the drum and other elements of music but the French did not. Thus, even today, with some exceptions e. USAwe normally will notice that there is a broader spectrum of Black influenced or created music coming from Franco Phone or previously Franco Phone places compared to Englo Phone places.

Thus, it wasn't nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s much that New Orleans was more creative Jazzit was that everyone else was on lock down nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s New Orleans under the French had more freedom with music.

Africa has several drum scripts, which means you could communicate with drums. This scared the English. The English tried to destroy the drum scripts in Africa. We totally lost the drum script in nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s USA. Some of these drum scripts are almost extinct in Africa. My point is that for me since I'm an old school club head, I have a little more success with African Party Music from previously Franco Phone places in Africa even though I cannot speak French.

I like all African Party music including the songs from Englo Phone places. This is a plus. The Diplomat hmmm - you would have to post some examples in order for me to agree - I love francophone music too - soukous, zouk etc. The Diplomat interesting, im a history nerd. Overall, my main point is that I agree with the overall flow of this thread nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s is it has been an uphill challenge to consistently get party music for the peeps on the home front. Wizkid - Confam Ni Reminisce Feat.

Good thing about Afrobeatz nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s djing in all is that, the classics always work well at gigs. Thanks for sharing DJ Marv the Maverick!!! You have a great idea and I am taking notes.

I'm based in China, so I might be still stuck on 3 years ago. Try, and iTunes Currently i'm digging Vanessa Mdee ft. Thanks for the props. Will surely check out those tracks you posted. I know Sauti Sol is big and that tune is massive. There has been a couple new tracks but none as massive as I would like.

I will post songs that I think has nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s borders not just regional ones. Isabella Boneless Kenya - 1. These tunes are not particularly New but I'm digging them everyday!! That list came three weeks late for me lol. Had a Kenyan gig, I connected with a DJ from Nairobi who was very helpful with a playlist, by the time I got to the gig, they wanted Naija songs. It was heavenly lol. Was surfing online looking for a new African recordpool and i came across this discussion.

Just thought i would contribute to help djs coming to ghana this december. Totally agree with you I played onces in an event using those compressed kbps music you find in the internet and i kept blaming the sound engeneer later came to realise that the kbps was kbps Yeah its quite disheartening.

I don't think they are aware of sound quality. All they care about is getting there nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s out. Hell I was sent a promo pack the other day and the track was 96kbps. Good music is not good music unless it is nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s music. Is it me alone or west African music overuse Auto tune pich correction

nhac thap nien 70 mp3 s

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