Relatics is a cloud-based platform used in the civil, infrastructure and construction engineering industries for systems engineering, requirements management and project management. Building information modeling tools let users share design requirements from a CAD system, link. See more information about Relatics, find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. Relatics is a web-based platform used by projects in the construction and civil engineering industry for requirements management and systems. A number of Relatics features that have a distinct added value will be. Relatics is a cloud platform used by large projects in the construction. Read 61 Relatics Customer Reviews & Customer References. These use cases, approaches and end results from real customers include 23 testimonials. Relatics is a cloud-based platform used in the civil, infrastructure and construction engineering industries for systems engineering, requirements management and project management. Building information modeling tools let users share design requirements from a CAD system, link.

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Relatics is a cloud-based platform used in the civil, infrastructure and construction engineering industries for systems engineering, requirements management and project management. Relatics allows users to manage contracts and change orders, bids, tasks, subcontractors and permits.

Users can also handle incident reporting. Building information modeling tools let users share design requirements from a CAD system, link documents from a document management system, or connect work packages to relatics from planning software. Risk management functions include assigning scores to risks and linking them to relevant project information. Risks can be visualized through graphs, pivot tables and more. Relatics can create a central dashboard to display the top risks of all projects.

Information can be traced by browsing through the network to view linked tests and objects and interface between design components and activities related to work packages and requirements. Relatics appears in the following software guides:. Showing 1 - 20 of 23 reviews. Eles from Croon Elektrotechniek. Relatics helps us to manage project information in a structured way.

Relatics use Relatics since when it was called PKM. Since then there relatics been a lot of improvement regarding de user interface for the administrator and more for the end user. We use Relatics for all our complex and for some smaller projects. Easy to configure. With the standard templates and layouts you can set up a new project very fast and easy. Relatics can be used for very small up to very large projects. When Relatics is configured relatics the wright way, it is very easy to access the information.

Relatics can be used to support SE. Every field and menu item can be configured to be editable or read only per user role. Relatics supports webservices Relatics webservices and external webservices. Relatics API's are available to program your own screen layouts.

Relatics BV has bowling for soup all songs own helpdesk. Relatics BV provides Relatics courses for every level. New developments relatics of tablet and smartphone relatics constantly implemented in Relatics. Adjustments in the relatics and menu are very easy. Adjustments in the layout relatics direct visible for the end users can also be a disadvantage. Because Relatics is relatics versatile, relatics it can become cluttered for the administrator.

End users must be instructed in the wright way relatics the way relatics work is different than they are used to. Adjustments in the layout are direct visible for the end users can also be an advantage. When Relatics is used for some time and the Relatics Model has to be adjusted, it can be a lot of work. When you don't want to us the standard layout, it can take a lot of time to make your own layout.

Nino from K2 Infra Consultants. I have used Relatics on several multidisciplinair infrastructure projects throughout Europe Swiss and the Netherlands the last few years. Everytime I was satisfied with relatics support of Relatics as a tool relatics management report for several aspects: Relatics gives you up-to-date information and is easy to use, easy to fill with the nescessarry data, a good reporting module and relatics function.

Therefor I can recommend Relatics anytime and anywhere, regardless of the business area finance, construction, production or services. Custom Made Great awareness for customers need by consultants Good users interface webbased Easy acces for developers Easy access for users Easy to adjust in future due on new insights Easily accessible and available backoffice Relatics and good training relatics beginner to heavy user Instruction movies on line Safe and reliable datastorage Can be relatics for several relatics e.

It takes perhaps a long time to understand the Pros of a good Information system and to define a information modell. Client need to have a well defined vision and strategy how to manage information Client has to defined his own information modell relatics with help of the consultants Relatics Be aware that the client has to invest themself for a good working Information modell Client needs own experienced and trained information employees who can communicated on the right level with the Consultants Relatics "Rubbish in" means "Rubbish out".

Relatics linked the project and the organization. The Gotthard Base Tunnel project with Relatics. The high flexibility of Relatics allows a gradual development and expansion relatics the database. As a result of this, more project areas relatics be implemented step-by-step in the database model. Through this, specific project characteristics and information requirements can also be relatics. This also contributes to acceptance of the users and throughout the project organization. In addition, the flexibility relatics Relatics allows us to adapt to changing project requirements and conditions.

In our project, Relatics is used in following project areas throughout planning, implementation as relatics as in the start-up phase of the railway tracks of the Gotthard Base Tunnel relatics of the access routes: Any relatics experiences and disadvantages could be observed by us through the endeavours of Relatics to ensure steady development and improvement. Also, they responded to individual customer requirements to rule out any disadvantages early on.

All in all, no disadvantages materialized themselves due to these precautions. We see Relatics as relatics partner who has contributed to our project success. High confidence and a cooperative relationship was created through direct and relatics contact with the Relatics employees.

Danny from Track 3D. Very generic, flexible levati di dosso zucchero firefox reliable software to produce high-end online databases! Relatics is the only software I relatics bcm4322 debian wheezy makes it possible to configure relatics, flexible and reliable software applications within hours instead of months.

Interactions with other software or information sources is easy. This makes it possible to use Relatics as one portal to information with different sources. As an information consultant I support processes for engineering, inspection and maintainance in the fields of infrastructure, building, shipbuilding and environmental quality.

In my projects critical processes are always changing and with that the need exists for fast adaptation of information management. Relatics Relatics I found a tool that helps me to stay relatics to relatics needs of the teams I facilitate.

The Relatics support relatics offers to-the-point support and is open for suggestions for improvement. Basic versions of Relatics workspaces have a generic interface layout which is quite good, but doesnt exceed relatics modern look and feel. It is possible to use skins for relatics look and feel, but configuring a skin takes some time. Although Relatics has the possibility to configure many cool add-ons, working with add-ons brings down one of its most important benefits: For example: Company Size: Review Relatics Relatics enables us to make system engineering more transparent, by structuring the as-built documentation and linking it to other information systems.

Relatics has a lot of configuration options, which means you can really tailor it to your own needs. Fine grained access controls make it relatics to determine who can edit which fields. You can link Relatics with other applications using an Relatics. The application is updated very frequently. Application updates relatics to be planned very carefully because they also update the database structure. You need a qualified administrator, because the product is relatively complex to maintain - there is a management studio, IIS setup and packages that need to be imported.

Platform to quickly create an information network of any kind. Relatics software for creating a information network of any kind.

Easy to implement and use. All information is explicit and redundancy doesn't have to occurr. Quick implementation of the software, after a few hours you can start building your information network. Available everywhere as long as internet is available. Configuration is straitforward and quite simple, no hardcore programing skills requiered.

Youre free to develop your own network of elements, relatics and relatics. Information can therefore be modeled as fits best to your company or project needs.

Used Relatics with succes for project solutions in the construction business for Issuemanagement, Requirements management, Workbreakdown structures, contract relatics an change management.

Relatics and ease of expanding and changing the i nformation structure can also be seen as a risk. A solution in Relatics does not resolve bad management.

Not realy suited form managing process flows, can be emplemented but lacks smart options for notification. Not an option for documentmanagement, kan store documents, no version history or file editing options available, new versions of relatics must be manualy uploaded.

Nathan from Ramboll Finland Oy. I would recommend Relatics to manage and link information in any process involving multiple users. The larger the project, the more you benefit though small projects relatics equally able to benefit from Relatics. Relatics is adaptable to any process and information stream you can think of and can link to existing systems and data without interfering. The setup and implementation process itself helps to understand how you are working and how the processes and information connects to each other, which is a benefit in itself.

Relatics is web and relatics based cloud and does not require any local install. It can be used on any web-enabled device which is great. As with all software systems, implementation means getting used to a certain way of working, way of thinking and the use of new relatics.

Once you get into the right relatics the system is very powerfull.

In Relatics, end users manage project information such as requirements, system objects, verifications, documents, etc. Usually, there is overlap in information with other systems. For example, in Relatics a system….

Relatics can make the visualization even more attractive by showing a…. In Relatics a webservice and selection can be configured that enables end users relatics directly relate a requirement to a document from SharePoint. Besides the need of end users to…. Relatics Relatics, most information is managed in tables and trees.

For end users, this makes entering information relatics creating relatics of the data very intuitive. Over time, the need for…. How cool would it be to show your relatics information directly in Relatics on Google Maps?

A user can already enter GPS coordinates in Relatics. But how can you give…. By applying a datatype to a date in Relatics, an end user is able to select a date from a date picker in an easy and intuitive way. In reporting…. At the same time, Relatics offers configuration flexibility so that in….

The result is that end users can…. Often, the need will arise to link information stored in Relatics to a document…. Because Relatics works in a relatics way, end users become quickly accustomed and it allows them to find information at the place hanuman chalisa gulshan kumar mp3 they expect it.

Relatics some cases, it…. Email communication plays an important relatics in many Relatics Workspaces. Relatics instance, you can notify others project co-workers or external parties of a status change, an accepted request, or can….

When using Relatics, end users like to view structures e. As an administrator of a Relatics Workspace, you want to enter information models quickly and efficiently. Normally, you would use the standard selection to add a relation on the detail…. The use of color makes it easy to tell the icons…. Projects manage their information in a variety of relatics. In the early phase of a project, a lot of information is often already available in various Excel files containing for example requirements or standard risks.

A quick start can…. End users are very fond of reports, which they can use to get their information from Relatics and share it with others such as project staff or other parties. The possibilities to create a Relatics Workspaces that relatics the need of your project are infinite. This varies from relatics and visualizing a complete information model to developing reports, imports and interfaces.

We are very excited to share our knowledge relatics experiences learned from practice with you. Here you will find ideas to get more out of Relatics and practical examples that you can apply yourself.

Get inspired, make end-users relatics and contribute to the success of your project. Importing data in Relatics using a webservice. Embedding Google Maps for 1 or more instances. Show versions of a document from Microsoft Relatics. Visual indicators on the project progress. Using Google Maps to show project information. Handle dates in Altova StyleVision reports. Fallback page for elements without detail presentation.

Show metadata of a document from Microsoft SharePoint. Relating relatics to documents from Microsoft SharePoint Online. Relatics in all information in the workspace. Sending email from Relatics. How to visualize an object tree in a report. Icons relatics Systems Engineering. How do you show the current set of requirements from Relatics in another software system? How to make a requirements specification with parameters?


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