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schwarzenbacher kundl mitarbeiter in english .. https://at. next-jobscom/stellenangebote-hochqualifizierte-mitarbeiter-oberosterreich https:// thyssenkrupp is a diversified industrial group with traditional strengths in materials and a growing share of capital goods and services businesses. linz- .. bundesland-tirol schwarzenbach. Übersichtstabelle - Stadtwerke Dülmen GmbH · de. Übersichtstabelle - Stadtwerke Dülmen GmbH. SWU in english please 2. BRITIANS BRITICIO BRITICO BRITIDH BRITIH BRITIONS BRITIS BRITISH KUNDERGONE KUNDERS KUNDERWINGS KUNDISH KUNDL KUNDRAT MITARBEITER MITBEGRUNDERS MITC MITCH MITCHAM MITCHAMSON SCHWARZCOPF SCHWARZEN SCHWARZENBACH SCHWARZENBERG. LONZA (Visp, Switzerland), Sandoz (Kundl, Austria) and VTU (Grambach, .. Daniela Schwarzenbacher, Marcel Scheideler, Cristina Ivan, Stephan Jahn. schwarzenbacher kundl mitarbeiter in english

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We are interested in processes that involve biological membranes. We engineer the membranes of microbes, i. Our particular focus in the yeast lipid field are sterols, their biosynthesis and homeostasis, and their interactions with membrane proteins.

Pichia pastorisa methylotrophic yeast, is our favourite host, which we employ for expression and secretion of recombinant soluble proteins as well as for the biosynthesis of valuable metabolites, e. We have uncovered several endogenous yeast proteins and mechanisms that render protein secretion or membrane protein expression more efficient and sustainable.

Based on our expertise lagu 11 januari gigi medium to high-throughput screening approaches involving microbes and a background in yeast cell biology, we expand the knowledge on membrane-related processes and extend the molecular toolboxes for applications on industrial scale.

Rational and evolutionary enzyme engineering approaches allow us to make novel enzymes or enzyme families fit for biocatalytic applications, as isolated enzymes or in whole-cell applications.

Therefore, we study enzyme characteristics by classical protein analytics and devise novel enzyme assays. We usually team up with structural biologists, biochemists as well as analytical and organic chemists. To top. We are engineering hydratases for industrial fitness. We are developing a medium for a high throughput terpenoid screening procedure in collaboration with Isobionics Geleen, The Netherlands.

We have identified a novel isoform of the pig liver esterase protein family, markedly improved expression of pig liver esterases in P. This project has been carried out in close collaboration with Prof.

Helmut Schwab, Prof. To foster plant terpenoid biosynthesis in yeasts, and to improve the industrial applicability of membrane-attached cytochrome P enzymes we have identified several endogenous helper factors in P. A couple of highly interesting target genes have been identified, partially characterized and filed gigantti palmi video er patenting.

Helmut Schwab. We have applied multiple approaches to identify key genes that determine protein secretion rates in P. Upregulation of several target genes has improved recombinant protein titers schwarzenbacher kundl mitarbeiter in english yields.

Diethard Mattanovich ViennaProf. We have developed and employed screenings for improved production of vitamin precursors. Remarkably, we have managed to engineer a very complex enzyme that has evaded structural elucidation to date. We were following up on several approaches to enhance recombinant protein titers and yields. This project was carried out in close collaboration with Prof. Harald Pichler Assoc. Institute of Molecular Biotechnology. Research Teams. Glieder Team. Pichler Team. Winkler Team.

Selected Projects. TU Graz Research. Events Current News. Schwarzenbacher kundl mitarbeiter in english News. Life in Graz. October March Raquel S. Yosef, Mohamad K. Kristin L. Augustin, Edward P.

Si, Jennifer M. Sandy Schmidt, Kathrin Castiglione and Robert Kourist Overcoming the incompatibility challenge in chemo-enzymatic and multi-catalytic cascade reactions. Show publication in PURE. Uwe T. Geigl, C. Moik, Stefan Hinteregger and M.

Octavia N. Peter Ulz, Michael R. Speicher and Gerhard Thallinger Reconstruction of mitochondrial genotypes from diverse next generation sequencing datasets Reconstruction of mitochondrial genotypes from diverse next generation sequencing datasets in press Show publication in PURE. Robert Kourist and Uwe T. Harald Pichler Oleate hydratase - structure function relationships and application Oleate hydratase - structure function relationships and application 33 Show publication in PURE.

Marcia Ferreira Antunes, Fabian K. Margit Winkler and Christoph K. F Busch, N. Florian W. Krainer, Michaela A. Ryan A. Groves, Jillian M. Jillian M. Hagel, Jeremy S. Facchini Transcriptome analysis of 20 taxonomically related benzylisoquinoline alkaloid-producing plants.

UM Tran, U. Florian Krainer and Anton Glieder An updated view on horseradish peroxidases: Bartsch, S. Igarashi, M. Miyamoto, M. Nowaczyc and R. Tan, Jane Fowler, N. Gieg Comparative analysis of metagenomes from three methanogenic hydrocarbon-degrading enrichment cultures with 41 environmental samples. A reverse Nitrilase? Kitto, Karolina Z.

Kalbarczyk and Kersten S. Heterologous expression in E. Georg Steinkellner, Christian C. R Kourist, F. Hollmann and G. Doris Ribitsch, Sonja Heumann, W. Karl, Jochen Gerlach, R. Siegert, J. Schwarzenbacher kundl mitarbeiter in english Steiner and Helmut Schwab Recent advances in rational approaches for schwarzenbacher kundl mitarbeiter in english engineerings in rational approaches for enzyme engineering Show publication in PURE.

Stefan Heinl, D Wibberg, F. Schwarzenbacher kundl mitarbeiter in english Crystallogr. Hydroxynitrile lyases: Steven P. Bettina Halwachs, Gregor Gorkiewicz and Gerhard Thallinger High-throughput characterization and comparison of microbial communities High-throughput characterization and comparison of microbial communities Show publication in PURE. Donelli, K.

Maurer, P. Siegert, T. Giang-Son Nguyen, Mark L. Thompson, Gideon Grogan, Uwe T. Bornscheuer and Robert Kourist Identification of novel esterases for the synthesis of sterically demanding chiral alcohols by sequence-structure guided genome mining Show publication in PURE.

Yusuke Miyauchi, Robert Kourist, Daisuke Uemura and Kenji Miyamoto Dramatically improved catalytic activity of an artificial S -selective arylmalonate decarboxylase by structure-guided directed evolution. R Kourist and K. Schoening, F. Kaufmann, Anton Glieder, J. Wei, W. Zimmermann, M.

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