Touhou mmd models

touhou mmd models

A huge collection consists of most MMD (or non-MMD) Touhou model ports that are found throughout the workshop. Do let me know if a pack or two is missing. Touhou Project (東方Project) is a series comprised of shooter games made by Team Shanghai Alice. The games are for Windows PCs. The series is notable for . well yeah but it's mainstream. so i gotta get the pack uploaded there. oh and why are people asking about porting gta models? isn't the thread called [MMD]. Touhou Project (東方Project) is a series comprised of shooter games made by Team Shanghai Alice. The games are for Windows PCs. The series is notable for . touhou mmd models

I had to fix one of her. Rumia and Kasen Bangs: Battleship Re-Class Back hair, shirt ribbon: Kurumi Hat: Toyohime Shirt: Aoba, Yorihime and Kurumi Skirt and Apron: Futo Skirt ribbon: Cirno Boots: Luka Hat ornaments by me. Add a Comment: Load All Images. Hey, sorry for the month late reply lmao but yes! Just don't forget to credit Montecore my man.

Hey I used it here: Voskhod Featured By Owner Oct 30, Unfortunately no, I didn't find the time to make it How do you download montecore's models? I've downloaded them a long time now so I haven't run into any problems but whenever he makes new stuff I usually download them directly from his niconico account.

Sorry for the late reply, the dA app didn't give me a notification this time. I don't know how to bypass this but my best guess would be to go to melonbooks and use the search bar to find them.

Thanks, sadly some of touhou mmd models prettier models are on melonbooks. Thank you! Her hands are smol and tiny because Tenshi is a smol and also a tiny I don't know when a Shion is coming but it should touhou mmd models a while, considering how many requests I have haha.

Also Can you make an iku model? I'm guessing you mean her oarfish-shaped shawl thing? Credited and used here: I only used the ribonny thing on her shirt and touhou mmd models hat, Her apron looked weird so i used an apron from a 3dcg touhou model.

I'll try re-downloading this one to fix it. No please let masochist Tenshi jokes die in a trash can in where they belong sdfghjklkjhgf We only have spoiled brat Tenshi inonly the best type of Tenshi. You're welcome! I'm going through all of the characters people asked me to make haha I should probably make Shion too at touhou mmd models point, to go along with this one hehe.

Yeah it probably would asdfghj I've been bible games for phones MMD hell before so who knows, I might actually be able to pull it through haha. OO YAY touhou mmd models goblin celestial. Who let this gremlin put of heaven take her back asdfhkmnghj Aaaaaa thanks!! I'm never satisfied with my textures so this is definitely good to hear haha.

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