Zambian kalindula music

zambian kalindula music

Zambian urban dance music that developed under the nationalistic policies of president Kenneth Kaunda; identified by rumba-like guitars and quick steady. Traditional drum rhythms and polymeters are evident in many different kinds of Zambian music. Contemporary popular forms such as Zambian Kalindula also. See Tweets about #kalindula on Twitter. See what people are Embed Tweet. I find Zambian music of the 70s upto 90s to be interesting *music* #kalindula. All your favorite Zambian Kalindula Ugandan Artists on

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Surely there must be someone somewhere who could have the music of this legend in their archives. His visits always ended with free kalindula concerts. For months local kalindula bands and solo musicians would labour day and night to learn his new songs and the accompanying guitar work. The smart, light-complexioned artiste used to perform in bars, taverns, village beer katubi and katata parties and sundowns sandaundi in Samfya and Mansa attracting huge crowds of adoring fans, among them his fellow musicians.

Ba Mule also performed during open air functions such as Independence Day celebrations and traditional marriage parties. In Samfya his favourite joint was Corner Bar. I am sure my colleague Ben Phiri, the Business Editor at zambian kalindula music Times of Zambia, an undisputed expert on indigenous Zambian music, has a lot more to say about Albert Mule.

I can clearly hear his voice and guitar work in their music. As far as I can remember Albert Mule remains the greatest kalindula musician who has ever lived since I was born in the s. The only other musicians from Luapula Province who are in his class are late folk artistes Alfred Chisala Kalusha snr.

Mr Mule single-handedly popularised the kalindula genre in Luapula Province, especially Samfya, Lunga and Mansa districts, and inspired many young kalindula musicians years zambian kalindula music his death. Most of what many people mistake for kalindula is actually a fusion of Congolese Rhumba and indigenous rhythms. It is largely Rhumba. Even Glorious Band was not playing kalindula but a fusion of Rhumba, mfunkutu, umupukumo, amalaila and fwandafwanda.

Those who grew up or lived in Luapula Zambian kalindula music in the s through to zambian kalindula music late s know what I mean. These great sons of the soil would show you which music is kalindula and which is not. They traversed the northern part of Zambia when they were working for the Zambia Broadcasting Services ZBS to record indigenous music almost each year, which was played on the Home Service now Radio 1. We would languish in the queue almost the whole day to just buy one record.

Back in Samfya we would excitedly look forward to meeting the musician as he rode through our villages on his bicycle with his acoustic guitar we called it six wire on his way back to the Zesco camp at Mundubi Primary School. Electricity reached the Chitembo, Mwewa and Mwansakombe chiefdoms in the s and 80s.

Back to the topic of the day bane; Mr Mule was not a mere entertainer like many people calling themselves zambian kalindula music today. He was a conscientious social commentator and poet in a class of his own.

He intelligently captured and communicated the main issues and events of his time through his music. In one of his hit singles, for example, he condemned amantalakwa, a potent home-brewed opaque beer that took Samfya by storm, destroying young lives and ruining marriages. I still remember some of the lyrics: Bana Ale mufikule umusana ufike napanshi eee. Elyo yalila, yalila fwasa, fwasa buloko. Nangu nanwine bambikilemofye Ba Mwape.

In this song he depicted how the abuse of amantalakwa was wrecking the reputations of hitherto respected women in society, who were quick to blame other people for their own drunkenness. Another hit was Chabula, which was later reproduced and rearranged by the great Lima Jazz Band.

The song was a mournful dirge, a my mad fat diary season 2 episode 2 story of the tragic end of a government pay accountant, Chabula, who was robbed and brutally murdered on Ifunge Peninsular Pefunge on the shore of Lake Bangweulu on his way from paying salaries.

In another song Mr Mule lampooned rampant immorality in his own village, Ndoba. I would be forever indebted to anyone zambian kalindula music would help me find music by this great kalindula musician. I can be reached on or Zambia Daily Mail. Web Editor. Who has. You may also like. Features Mawaya: Land of kingmakers February 15, Features Life with artificial limbs February 15, About the zambian kalindula music.

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zambian kalindula music

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